Top 5 MST3K Episodes for Your First Date

Top 5 MST3K Episodes for Your First Date

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Mystery Science Theatre isn’t very popular in my hometown. But to me it’s one of the funniest shows ever, and I love sharing it with others.

But introducing someone new to this show is tricky business. It’s not the kind of show everyone can sit through for very long before they start getting bored.

As a nerdy guy who loves this show, I want my future partner to enjoy it with me. But I really want her to ‘get it’.

So I sat thinking about which episodes I would consider as introductions to MST3K. These were my criteria:

  • Episodes that are universally funny, even to non-fans
  • Episodes where men were severely ridiculed
  • Episodes with my kind of humor that I want to share
  • Episodes with a few boring segments so I can steal a kiss or a cuddle

The following five MST3K episodes are my prescription for a successful first date. If you and your date like to laugh at sarcastic comments dished out at some of the worst acting in history, then these episodes are for you.


Cry Wilderness

Hailed by many (including myself) as the funniest MST3K episode ever. Cry Wilderness was the second episode in the new remake of the show.

It follows a young boy, Paul, who has visions of bigfoot—and bigfoot has something important to tell him. After learning that his father is in danger, Paul escapes the confines of his school and sets off to warn his father.

Okay, so the plot is terrible. The acting is worse. But that makes for an excellent Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode, right?

The comments on this episode are universally funny, and I know my date will be laughing hard with me. If she doesn’t, perhaps she isn’t the one.


Space Mutiny

After watching Space Mutiny, I can honestly say that I STILL don’t know what it’s about. But that’s okay.

You see the hero of the show is ripped to shreds by Mike, Crow and Servo. He is given every ridiculous nickname you could think of, and they’re all in reference to his bulky build.

Space Mutiny is a good one for your first date. You’ll get lots of time for cuddles, and relish every riff aimed at Dave Ryder.



I like Squirm—not because of the worms—but because of how awkward the main character is. He enters a town where he is ANYTHING but welcome.

The more he tries to fit in, the more of a fool he makes of himself. And yet he carries his awkwardness so well!

Soon he realizes that these people are beyond weird. So he switches from trying to win their approval, to simply being weirder than everyone else!

This episode of MST3K is also a landmark episode, because it introduces a common rift that was then later used in other episodes.

If you’re a fan, you’ll remember the constant, repetitive calling of Mr Beardsley—used in excessively in later episodes. And that “Worm in my egg cream” bit was just too strange not to share with someone.


Touch of Satan

Touch of Satan has some of the best riffs I’ve seen. The movie follows a guy who meets a strange girl. He doesn’t notice the weirdness at first because he’s so attracted to her.

But then he discovers that her family are even stranger—especially the old lady who only comes out when something creepy is about to happen.

The couple are heavily ridiculed by Mike and his robot friends, which makes for great comedy. The show also gives off that feel of a new relationship (in the beginning that is), which makes it a great date movie that you’ll both love to hate.


Manos: Hands of Fate

This is the majority of fans’ favorite MST3K episode. It’s so painfully bad, and some of the scenes are so long! I’ve seen this episode multiple times, and my life will not be complete until I show someone else how hilariously bad this movie is.

As for the movie itself? Well, it’s kind of hard to explain. A family of 3 (and their dog) stop at a weird guesthouse. They are greeted by the creepiest character you’ve ever met, Torgo. This strange little man speaks of a “Master” who turns out to be the leader of a dark cult.

The jokes are some of the best you will ever hear, and if this one doesn’t make your date a fan of MST3K, it’s likely that none of the others will either.


Which MST3K episodes would YOU say are perfect for a first date introduction to this great show?

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