7 Sign You’ve Found a Woman Who’s a Game Changer

7 Sign You’ve Found a Woman Who’s a Game Changer

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Hey guys. I have a question for you…

What aspects of a woman make you absolutely crazy about her? I’ve heard about woman creating shopping lists for what they want in a guy. So why shouldn’t we, right?

I’ve been speaking to a bunch of people about the little things in their partners that make them fall in love day after day. And from the perspectives of men and women, I’ve created a shopping list of my own.

Online dating can be rough for guys who are searching for the real thing. And I know too many guys who settle for something they aren’t 100% satisfied with.

I was one of them.

It took me meeting someone very special to realize that there were things I wanted in a relationship, and things I DIDN’T KNOW I wanted in a relationship. And when you meet someone who surpasses your expectations, it can leave you rather shell shocked—in a good way.

This very special lady has totally changed my perception on dating. No games. No nonsense. But instead; mutual effort, clear communication and loads of patience. She’s a game changer, and I hope you learn to recognize what aspects make up a woman like this.

These 7 signs that you’ve found an incredible & unique woman can act as a shopping list for you guys out there who have settled for substandard relationships too long. I hope they help you to heighten your standards and go for someone who is actually worth spending your time with—rather than wasting your time on dates you know are just time fillers.

Does she tick all the boxes? Here’s my list of 7 qualities that I believe belong to incredible, one-in-a-million kind of women.


She Makes a Real Difference

I’ve always believed that scars are beautiful. We all have them. Some are visible—others are hidden. But scars can define us in ways we don’t realize. And this can be good or bad depending on one’s character.

Awesome women are contributors. They don’t sit around complaining about all the bad things that have happened to them. Instead, they pick themselves up; and not only do they find ways to heal themselves, but they also find ways of helping other people do the same.

A unique woman will always take past hurts, flip them on their heads and use them to become stronger—and help others become stronger too.

How is it she can do this?

Because she’s resilient. A resilient woman who holds no resentment over her past is a force to be reckoned with. You don’t give up a girl like that easily; and if you do, you’re a dumb-ass. (Just saying)


She Listens and Shows Genuine Interest

I’ve been on so many dates over the past two and a half years, and I can honestly say that women expect to be given a lot of attention. And us guys are happy to give it to them—at first.

But after a while the conversation gets stale. It always seems to be about them. It’s an easy trap to fall into because guys are seen as the chasers. We need to do the work in order to woo them, right?

Yes; but only to an extent. I for one can tell when someone is faking interest. Body language tells me everything I need to know about whether she’s really interested in what I’m saying, or just going through the motions until it’s her turn to speak again.

A great girl is someone who asks questions and shows a genuine interest in you, your passions and your thoughts. If you’ve found one, keep her close.


She Handles the Bad Times Like A Pro

Every relationship goes through misunderstandings, trials and mistakes. How you handle those scenarios says a lot about your character.

A woman who doesn’t flip out every time something goes wrong is a woman who has a mature outlook on life. Yes, she might be upset. She may even feel that she is being falsely accused. Perhaps even a little betrayed.

But if she has high emotional intelligence and knows how to communicate, it won’t be long before she successfully diffuses the situation; resulting in a positive outcome and better understanding between you both.

These ladies are hard to find, BUT THEY ARE OUT THERE. I promise.


She’s Not Just a Pretty Face

There are a lot of beautiful women out there. I’ve met some real stunners. And although they grab my attention (coz hey, I got red blood too you know) it doesn’t take me long to see past their looks & body, and straight into their character.

A pretty face can NEVER make up for a bad character. Incredible, unique women don’t let their good looks define them. They recognize the importance of maintaining balanced behavior as well as looking after themselves physically.

Gorgeous girls with amazing personalities are out there. Yes, they are rare; but if you’ve found one, hold onto her with everything you’ve got!


She Knows How to Communicate Her Feelings

My closest friends always get asked this question by me: “If I had a booger in my nose, would you tell me, or just keep quiet to spare me the embarrassment?” If the answer is “Yes, I’d tell you,” I know I can trust that person to tell me when I’ve hurt them, offended them or done something stupid or embarrassing.

With dating I take a different approach. I always deliver a disclaimer to someone when I meet them for the first time: “I’m sorry, I just don’t pick up on hints.”

It’s true. Most guys are terrible at deciphering a woman’s underlying messages. Most of us wish they would just say what they mean or feel so that we can understand them better.

Well, there are women out there who know how to communicate really well. In my opinion this is an aspect that makes a woman stand out from the rest. Because no matter how bad a situation is, you can always rely on her to tell you the unadulterated truth.

This kind of openness in a relationship is what will set you both up for success. So if you want someone worth investing a relationship in, choose the girl who tells you exactly what’s going on in her head without all those silly hints.

Like I always say: “If you can’t read her, you can’t please her.” So open your ears and listen to what she has to say. And if she isn’t saying anything, don’t blame yourself for not being able to keep her happy.


She’s Not Overly Possessive of Your Time

A girl who is constantly vying for your attention is someone who isn’t comfortable with herself. She’s insecure, and she’ll project that insecurity onto you by making you feel as if you’re neglecting her.

If you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time making your girl feel special throughout the day, there shouldn’t be a need to CONSTANTLY validate her with your time, texts and phone calls.

A secure woman is hard to find in today’s world. But you’ll know you’ve found one when you notice how secure she is while you’re doing your own thing. She’ll talk to her friends, or simply keep herself busy with something else.

She doesn’t need your constant validation. She’s secure within herself because she knows what a catch she is. This is the kind of woman you never let go of.


She Takes the Time to Make You Feel Appreciated

It’s expected of guys to be romantic. Romantic gestures kind of fall on us because guys like to chase. But if you’ve found a girl who takes the time to make you feel appreciated for the little things you do, you’ve found a real keeper!

Why is this important?

Because no matter how romantic you are with your girlfriend, if she isn’t reciprocating that romance with romantic gestures of her own, you’re going to lose your wind. At some point your romantic energy is going to run out.

I believe that romance is a feed-off-each-other kind of deal. A romantic girl will always invoke romance in her man because he feels like his efforts are being met with effort.

These romantic girls are super rare. If you’ve found one, hold on to her. She’s a keeper. She loves hard. She knows how to give as well as receive. Her actions will always correspond with her words.

When you find a girl like this, you’ll know. You won’t be left wondering how she feels about you. And this, in turn, will motivate you to be super romantic towards her.

It’s a give and take, people.


Game Changer

Meeting a woman like this will be a total game changer for you. It has been for me.

I tend to write a lot on how men should treat woman, or how they should try harder in a relationship. But there are some really great guys out there who just want the real deal, and they often feel as if they have to settle for something less than they deserve.

So if you’re the type of guy who gives his all in a relationship and you’re still searching for “the right one”, make sure you don’t settle for anything less than an incredible, unique woman who has the capacity to actively make the relationship work for the best.

Anything less is just a waste of your time & effort.

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