7 Sign You’ve Found a Woman Who’s a Game Changer

Hey guys. I have a question for you… What aspects of a woman make you absolutely crazy about her? I’ve heard about woman creating shopping lists for what they want in a guy. So why shouldn’t we, right? I’ve been speaking to a bunch of people about the little things in their partners that make them fall in love day after day. And from the perspectives of men and women, I’ve created a shopping list of my own. Online dating can be rough for guys who are searching for the real thing. And I know too many guys who settle for something they aren’t 100% satisfied with. I was one of them. It took me meeting someone very special to realize that there were things I wanted in a relationship, and things I DIDN’T KNOW I wanted in a relationship. And when you meet someone who surpasses your expectations, it [...]

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What is True Romance? – 7 Romantic Gestures that Seem to Be Extinct

Guys… this one’s for you. Imagine the fifties for just a minute. Young men treating their dates like ladies. Dressing smart. Opening car doors. Pulling up chairs… According to a study conducted by Zoosk, chivalry is high on the list of what single women want. The dating app’s data showed that 82% of women still desire old fashioned romance. But are romance and chivalry dead in today’s dating world? According to the same study, most guys seem to be missing the romantic mark. So what is true old fashioned romance, and how can you understand what women find romantic?   What is True Romance? The reason women love romance so much is because it shows effort, expresses care and cannot be easily faked. If you can grasp these 3 aspects of romance, you’ll begin to understand the essence behind AUTHENTIC romance—and your gestures will start to have more meaning.   [...]

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Interested in Dating a Latino? What You Should Know!

Hey guys! Today we have a guest blog from Juan.   Juan Diego is a Hispanic freelance writer. He also operates the blog for a popular Latino dating website, Latinolicious. The blog has tons of advice for dating Latinos and dating in general. It also touches on things to do with race relations and is dedicated to Latinos interested in and involved in interracial relationships. Take it away, Juan! Hi guys, and thanks for the opportunity! Here’s my question to you. Are you thinking of dating a Latino for the first time? Or are you currently in a relationship with one now? Generally, Latinos are considered different from average Americans due to their cultural differences and their nature. Latino dating can be a rollercoaster ride for you. To save you from any sudden shock, I’ve compiled this article for you to discuss the basics of Latino culture and traditions. Words [...]

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Top 5 MST3K Episodes for Your First Date

Mystery Science Theatre isn’t very popular in my hometown. But to me it’s one of the funniest shows ever, and I love sharing it with others. But introducing someone new to this show is tricky business. It’s not the kind of show everyone can sit through for very long before they start getting bored. As a nerdy guy who loves this show, I want my future partner to enjoy it with me. But I really want her to ‘get it’. So I sat thinking about which episodes I would consider as introductions to MST3K. These were my criteria: Episodes that are universally funny, even to non-fans Episodes where men were severely ridiculed Episodes with my kind of humor that I want to share Episodes with a few boring segments so I can steal a kiss or a cuddle The following five MST3K episodes are my prescription for a successful first [...]

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How to Make the Most of the Puppy Love Phase

Valentine’s Day was a total bust for me, which is why you guys didn’t hear from me for a while. But I’m back—full force—and things are back on track! And today I’m in such a good mood. Business is good. I went for a long run this morning and I feel great! I have awesome friends—the real kind—who genuinely care about me. Oh… and it’s FRIDAY! So today I wanted to talk about that elated feeling you get when all that frustrating dating finally pays off. You know the one… the feeling you thought you would never feel again because your heart broke so bad. But now you’re back! Happier than ever, right? But wait… like my friend Cindy always says, “Relationships are tricky”. Getting to know someone new can be a rocky process. There are some things you will do wrong without even realizing it. And your new partner [...]

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Conquering Your Shyness – 9 Dating Tips for Introverted Guys

Reaching out to someone new is scary! More for some than others. For me, it’s a case of sweaty palms, increased heart rate and fumbling over my words. If you’re an introvert, you can relate. Introverts have a hard time dating because socializing doesn’t come naturally to us. We feel safe behind our phone screens. It’s the face-to-face interaction that’s difficult. Online dating has definitely taken a backseat in my life. There are many reasons why I am not doing it right now, and one of them is because I don’t want to hide anymore. I really want to step out of my comfort zone and meet someone organically. I’m tired of sharing my attention with more than one person. And I’m tired of having to share someone I like with other potential “candidates”. It’s nothing personal. Online dating just isn’t for me. Simple as that. A friend of mine [...]

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3 Secrets to Loving People More Fully

  The thing about love is that it cannot be quantified. People can throw around biological “love hormone” terms like oxytocin and dopamine. They can say that love is a survival mechanism necessary for procreation. But in the end, love is too unpredictable to measure. You can’t explain why you love one person so hard, and feel nothing for another. You can’t explain the horrors of jealousy and fear in a relationship—and to what point that horror can escalate. You can’t explain why you simply CANNOT stop loving someone—even though you know you should. Which is probably why you read this blog. Because where science fails (and it does), solidarity takes its place. Yes, we may all experience love in different ways, but at least we can look at each other and empathize with each other over the confusion and volatility that is… LOVE.   A Lesson in Love I [...]

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Why Do Breakups Have to Be So Hard? 12 Remedies

Remember when Lily broke up with Marshall in How I Met Your Mother? Man, I really felt for that guy.   Today I was supposed to post a guest blog about how to approach intimidating women. But the truth is, my life is a mess right now. A past relationship has gradually taken much emotional toll on me, and I’m sitting right in the middle of the aftermath. Picking yourself up after a failed relationship—especially an abusive one—is a lot like picking yourself up by your own bootstraps. It seems impossible. But it’s not. It can take a long time to get over someone you loved and lost. But I have some tips that have helped me over the past 3 weeks. Breakups are hard. But they don’t have to be that hard. Here are ways you can ease the process a little.   1.      Evaluate Your Value—DAILY One of [...]

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7 Health Tips to Up Your Dating Game

When I started dating after my divorce, I remember making a conscious decision to live healthier. Not only did I want to find an awesome, beautiful woman; but I also wanted to make sure that I was happy within myself. If I wanted my next relationship to work I needed confidence, energy and sound emotional wellbeing. As a health writer I knew enough about nutrition & exercise to put my new goal into practice. So I did. Two years down the line I can say that all my efforts were worth it. I’ve lost weight, feel more energetic and my skin & eyes are brighter than they were in my twenties. Now I’d like to share some of these health strategies with you. If you’re currently on the dating scene and want to up your game, adopt the following habits and get that confidence boost you need to find your [...]

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8 Essential Tips to Dating the Career Driven Woman

Irene du Plooy is my very best friend who has long decided to focus on her career rather than dating. But she still hopes that the right guy will find her. Here’s her dating advice for guys who are considering a date with a successful career woman. If you’re feeling intimidated by her, Irene’s got just the advice for you. --- Most of you guys have been searching for the right match in life. Then it happens; the career driven, 30-something bombshell comes along who’s so independent and secure she practically knocks your socks off! So how do you seriously grab her attention? How do you keep her interested while also giving her the space she needs to keep those awesome qualities that made you fall in love with her in the first place? It’s simple, so listen up!   Got Your Stuff in Order? Firstly, make sure you know [...]

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