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Interested in Dating a Latino? What You Should Know!

Hey guys! Today we have a guest blog from Juan.   Juan Diego is a Hispanic freelance writer. He also operates the blog for a popular Latino dating website, Latinolicious. The blog has tons of advice for dating Latinos and dating in general. It also touches on things to do with race relations and is dedicated to Latinos interested in and involved in interracial relationships. Take it away, Juan! Hi guys, and thanks for the opportunity! Here’s my question to you. Are you thinking of dating a Latino for the first time? Or are you currently in a relationship with one now? Generally, Latinos are considered different from average Americans due to their cultural differences and their nature. Latino dating can be a rollercoaster ride for you. To save you from any sudden shock, I’ve compiled this article for you to discuss the basics of Latino culture and traditions. Words [...]

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How to Make the Most of the Puppy Love Phase

Valentine’s Day was a total bust for me, which is why you guys didn’t hear from me for a while. But I’m back—full force—and things are back on track! And today I’m in such a good mood. Business is good. I went for a long run this morning and I feel great! I have awesome friends—the real kind—who genuinely care about me. Oh… and it’s FRIDAY! So today I wanted to talk about that elated feeling you get when all that frustrating dating finally pays off. You know the one… the feeling you thought you would never feel again because your heart broke so bad. But now you’re back! Happier than ever, right? But wait… like my friend Cindy always says, “Relationships are tricky”. Getting to know someone new can be a rocky process. There are some things you will do wrong without even realizing it. And your new partner [...]

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A Crazy Dating Story by Sasha

  My friend Sasha not only has an awesome personality, she's also had some pretty far out experiences with dating over the years. Before Sasha met her husband, she delved into the world of online dating. You won't believe this wacky story.   They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince but they didn’t say that the frogs try their best to disguise themselves as princes! In July 2012 I was 21, hot off a fresh new break up and ready to mingle. I guess that was my first mistake. If any of you reading this have been on Facebook long enough, you know that there used to be a dating site called Zoosk that was linked right to your profile. This is where I met Steve. So Steve was your typical bad boy. Leather jacket, motor bike, shaved head, DJ at an [...]

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